New Job: Project Lead Position @QuantumSpatial (Corvallis, OR)

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This position works directly under the supervision of the Process Operations Manager and Senior Scientists to lead and coordinate all processing (post-calibration) classification, QA/QC, deliverable production, reporting, and delivery to clients. Client and partner interactions should be expected. This position is broad enough to allow for areas of specialization within the Project Leads (LiDAR, Photo, Feature Extraction, etc) and will require learning methods associated with new products developed at QSI.


Three or more years of relevant experience
A bachelors degree or higher in science or engineering
Software experience with ESRI ArcMap and TerraSolid
Intimate knowledge of data production and quality control methodologies
Active contribution to the industry via professional societies
An expressed commitment to a career in remote sensing and geodetics

Evaluation Criteria & Duties:
A successful Project Lead is an individual that seeks mastery and refinement of remote sensing data processing and applications.

Professionalism and Staff Development:
Provides leadership through assignment of tasks and supervision of a team of processing analysts and technicians
Enjoys creative problem solving
Demonstrates an aptitude and bias towards successful automation of tasks
Can develop, communicate, and collate project elements and meet a project schedule
Is comfortable communicating/meeting with clients
Is respected technically and professionally by fellow staff, clients, and partners

Technical Ability:

Understands projections, coordinate systems, datums, and units
Proficient in the CADD environment using TerraSolid
Creative problem solving using original task specific macros
Contour implementation with or without breaklines
Understands the purpose and can create model keypoints and/or smoothen data
Can direct and refine point processing tasks involving/affecting Processing Team
ESRI ArcView, LFEx & QTModeler
Effective raster creation, transformation, and analysis
Identification of deficiencies with ESRI ArcMap, and external/custom solutions
Image or spectral production/creation/normalization
Demonstrate the ability to complete technical writing that is relevant and custom to a processing task or specific project
Produce or oversee the development of graphical presentation of data
Read contracts and fully understand the scope of work and requirements for each project

It is the policy of Quantum Spatial to provide equal opportunity for all qualified persons and not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, or any other protected status.

Resumes will be accepted until all positions are filled. Immediate submissions are welcome and will be reviewed promptly.

Apply Online

New job post: GIS Mapping Technician @SouthRiverEMC in North Carolina

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New job post: GIS Mapping Technician at South River Electric Membership Corporation in Dunn, NC.

Maintaining and updating the mapping system, developing integrated geographical information system databases and analyzing data through knowledge of GIS.
Drawing electronic and/or physical plans for engineering personnel.
Being proficient with using GIS/GPS technology.

Education Requirements:
Four year degree in Geographic Information Science preferred. Will consider related work experience +(five(5) year minimum) in lieu of educational requirements if there is demonstrated ability to carry out the position responsibilities.

Technical Requirements:
Minimum two(2) years of experience using ESRI software is preferred.
Having experience in the utility industry is also helpful.

$23.72 – $34.71 hourly
For more information and to apply:  GIS Mapping Technician

Check out all available jobs for South River Electric Membership Corporation

South River Electric Membership Corporation is an electric distribution cooperative whose headquarters is in Dunn, North Carolina. The Cooperative also has a District Operations Center in Fayetteville for the convenience of our membership.

Our Cooperative serves over 42,000 consumer/members in Harnett, Cumberland, Sampson, Johnston and Bladen counties. South River EMC has 98 employees and is owned and operated by the consumer/members who use its services.

Job of the week: Sr. Geospatial Data Management Specialist @DigitalGlobe

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The job of the week is the Sr. Geospatial Data Management Specialist position at DigitalGlobe in Tampa, Florida.

The Senior Geospatial Data Management Specialist position requires specific technical skills and expertise to provide assistance to the program manager, research and technical staff in supporting the full range of data management activities needed for the production, maintenance, and visualization of a global enterprise data inventory.  Specific objectives that the data management specialist will provide support for include quality assurance, workflow standardization, and data management.

Education Requirements

Masters Degree in Geography, GIS, Information Systems, Environmental Science, Computer Science, or Related Field or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Technical Requirements

  • Demonstrate professional expertise of greater than 10 years with of ESRI’s suite of desktop GIS software primarily focused on ArcGIS Desktop and extensions.
  • Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 2 years working in a multi-user, enterprise Geodatabase environment using ESRI’s ArcSDE software. Preferences will be given to those candidates that demonstrate using SQL Server in conjunction with ArcSDE though experience with other relational database systems is acceptable.
  • Thorough grounding in GIS theory, including projections, types of overlays, coordinate systems, geoprocessing tools, and spatial analysis.
  • Experience with topology, editing, versioning.
  • Demonstrate understanding of publishing geospatial data using ArcGIS Server. Candidates should provide an understanding of the utility and limitations of publishing data through ArcGIS Server. Preference will be given to candidates that understand MXD and Geodatabase optimization practices.
  • Demonstrate professional knowledge of concepts and principles of geospatial data management by providing a minimum of 2 specific work examples.
  • Experience maintaining databases of large volumes of environmental and geospatial data.
  • Cartography and advanced map creation
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Experience working with CAD format engineering drawings, AutoCAD conversion to feature classes
  • Experience with establishing and utilizing QA/QC procedures
  •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills and coordination and organizational skills.
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate technical information effectively to lay persons and geospatial technical experts alike.
  • Demonstrate knowledge working with variety of geospatial datasets from sources within and external to the federal government.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and document detailed data production  workflows using best management practices
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement comprehensive quality assurance/quality control procedures


Check out the Sr. Geospatial Data Management Specialist position or search all available positions at DigitalGlobe.


 DigitalGlobe is a leading global provider of commercial high-resolution earth imagery products and services. Sourced from our own advanced satellite constellation, our imagery solutions support a wide variety of uses within defense and intelligence, civil agencies, mapping and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management, Internet portals and navigation technology.

Esri Educational Services: Open Jobs

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Esri, the leading GIS software company in the world has many career positions available.  One area in which they are searching employees is Educational Services.

When you think of Educational Services the first position that comes to mind is instructors.  Well, the department has a wide range opportunities beyond instructors.  Some of the positions include: content authors, project managers, training sales, to instructional designers,….and the list can go on.  Here are a few of their open opportunities.

Job Title Location Job ID
Instructional Technologist US-CA-Redlands 2012-1541
Course Developer – Server US-CO-Denver
Training Solution Sales Representative US-CA-Redlands
Training Solution Sales Representative US-PA-Philadelphia 2013-2329
Training Sales Specialist US-NC-Charlotte 2013-2526
Content Specialist US-CA-Redlands 2013-2542
Instructor – GIS US-TX-San Antonio 2013-2559
Instructor – GIS US-DC 2013-2576
Instructor-Server US-DC 2013-2676
Instructor-Server US-TX-San Antonio 2013-2677


Here you can see a live list of Educational Services available positions.

GIS programs will benefit from $500 million in college grants

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At least two colleges have stated that they plan to apply grant funds to their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs.  There are a total of 297 schools that will receive grants as individual applicants or as members of a consortium.

The University of Hawaii Maui College in connection with Kauai Community College and Hawaii Community College plan to target the GIS industry.  In addition to developing a GIS certificate program, the university/colleges have made plans to partner with key employers such as U.S. Geologic Survey and Esri.

The other is Stark State College that will cover curriculum development for new associate degrees and certificates related to the emerging oil and gas industry.  It will also go towards creating and supplying training labs for computers, geographic information systems (GIS), and geology.

This grant will add a big boost for these two programs, and there is sure to be more benefits for other GIS programs at the nearly 300 recipient schools.

Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis today announced $500 million in grants to community colleges and universities around the country for the development and expansion of innovative training programs. The grants are part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training initiative, which promotes skills development and employment opportunities in fields such as advanced manufacturing, transportation and health care, as well as science, technology, engineering and math careers through partnerships between training providers and local employers. The U.S. Department of Labor is implementing and administering the program in coordination with the U.S. Department of Education.

Read more from the Department of Labor’s press release…
Grantee Summary PDF

Related Info:

Maps of grant totals by state for round one, and combined totals from round one and round two.

Stark State to tap grant for shale-related training


Esri Technical Certification and Prep Courses

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The Esri Technical Certification is beginning to really take off.  Several areas have finished development and are now available.  If you are not familiar with the certification, it is similar to the Microsoft Certifications.

You can find a great overview of the certification and its benefits by watching this training seminar.  You can also check out each area below:


ArcGIS Desktop



ArcGIS Desktop Developer


Web Application Developer


Mobile Developer


Enterprise Administration
Enterprise Geodatabase Management


Enterprise System Design


If you are a bit leery about taking the exam, Esri provides a refresher course to prepare for the exam.  These courses do not teach specifically to the exam, but they cover keys areas.  The courses are instructor-led for in-person or on-line.

Esri Certification Exam Prep Courses

Also find a great inside scoop from the writer of the prep course in Training Spotlight: ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification.

GeoMentor Program to Help Improve Geographic Literacy

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The GeoMentor Program is being sponsored by ESRI and the National Geographic Society.  It is a way to get GIS professionals involved in education.   A recent ArcNews article (Get Involved with Geo-Education Reform) by Daniel C. Edelson, Vice President for Education, National Geographic Society helped set the stage for the program.  He stated that there is a lack of geographic literacy.  An estimate of 18 year olds in the United States shows that approximately 50% are unready in the area of geography with about 25% geographically competent and 25% geographically proficient.  The National Geograhic Society has made it a goal to achieving a 50 percent rate of geographic fluency among 18-year-olds by 2025.  Several actions were presented to making this possible, and one of the action items was the GeoMentor Program.

The ESRI Education Community has laid out a great site for learning more about this program.  ESRI is also introducing the GeoMentor program at the 2009 ESRI International User Conference.  There are several sessions being presented as well as an easy sign up method for those attending the confernece.  I am sure there will be more information to come, but I would suggest becoming apart of this great opprtunity today and help increase the geographic literacy among our youth today!

You can be as involved as much as you desire with for basic stages:

  • “Learning” (Stage 1) means you agree to receive periodic emails about the GeoMentor program. You will be publicly visible simply as a dot on the map.
  • “Seeking” (Stage 2) means that you are interested in a partnership and agree to make some characteristics visible to people who are logged in at the “Seeking” level or higher, though they cannot directly identify you, nor directly contact you without your approval.
  • “Working” (Stage 3) means that you are participating in one or more GeoMentor partnerships.
  • “Reporting” (Stage 4) means that you have entered information about your activities in order to share that with others.

Find participants who are apart of the program through a GeoMentor Program interactive map.

Search for all the talk about the GeoMentor Program on Twitter.

10 Tips for Those Not Attending the ESRI User Conference

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The keys to having a successful career rely heavily around networking and staying up on technology. In the GIS industry there is no better opportunity to accomplish this than at the ESRI International User Conference. GIS professionals from all across the world come to San Diego, CA for the ultimate GIS conference experience. You can have the opportunity to meet people from every industry imaginable that use GIS. Hear them present their work and see their map presentations. Learn from the best of the best. In addition to this fabulous exposure, hear from ESRI on the latest and greatest in GIS technology. Learn how to better apply this technology and what to expect for the future.

Because of the economy, the pure lack of funding, and several other reasons; many GIS users are unable to attend this conference.  Although you may not be able to attend, you can still benefit in many ways.  Here are ten excellent things you can do without leaving your office.

1. Watch the plenary session online.

2. Follow the Twitter action

3. Browse Flickr for User Conference pictures

4. Listen to the VerySpatial live podcast from the User Conference and follow up podcasts from throughout the week.

5. Follow the ESRI Insider Blog

6. Follow all of the geospatial/gis blogs at the GIS Forum Community Mashup

7. Read through the official ESRI International User Conference Agenda Digital Magazine (PDF)

  • Find Special Interest Groups
  • Follow up with presenters for topics of interest
  • Find out what you are really missing

8. Watch videos on youtube – esritv

9. Visit the ESRI Resource Centers

10. Mark your calendar for next year’s conference

  • July 12-16, 2010
  • Insert into budget and begin fund raising efforts

Careers at ESRI and in the Geospatial Industry

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An excellent podcast interview from VerySpatial with Jason Otero of ESRI was just put out this week.  The topic covered the details of getting a job at ESRI and also other geospatial companies.  Jason mentioned that even in the state of this economy, they are still hiring.

The main ESRI locations that are hiring are Redlands, CA; Washington, DC; Charlotte, NC and St. Louis, Mo.  The Redlands office has the greatest opportunity for jobs, but the others are quickly expanding.  In all ESRI has a main office with 10 regional offices.

Hot Jobs at ESRI include:

  • Software Products
  • Professional Services
  • Technical Support

ESRI has put together an excellent careers website where you can create a profile.  Under this profile you can fill out an application, submit a cover letter and resume, and apply for jobs.  There is also a dedicated site for college graduates to learn more about moving from “a college campus to an ESRI campus”.  You can find more information on the ESRI Grad web page.

Maybe you are not looking for a job at ESRI, or maybe you are not near one of their locations; Jason suggested looking up an ESRI Business Partner where many opportunities reside.  You can find a business partner here.

Catch the entire interview from VerySpatial –

Adding Microsoft Virtual Earth to ArcGIS 9.3.1

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With the new ArcGIS 9.3.1 update, I searched high and low to find out how to access Microsoft Virtual Earth in ArcGIS as this was a big component to the new update.  It has not been as easy as I expected.  I thought that it would be a simple click to add the data to my map.  I found however, that it takes a few more extra steps to gain access.   Here is some information directly from ESRI’s Resource Center:

With ArcGIS 9.3.1, Microsoft Virtual Earth maps are seamlessly integrated into ArcGIS products. ArcGIS users who are current on maintenance and have an Internet connection will have access to Virtual Earth for a variety of up-to-date mapping content.

See the appropriate section below and follow the instructions to get started using Microsoft Virtual Earth in your ArcGIS 9.3.1 application:

I followed the ArcGIS Desktop process to gain access to Microsoft Virtual Earth.  This may vary from what you encounter, but it will give you a general idea for access.

Go to this website to request a new license file:

1. Request a New License File

2. Select: Add newly purchased licenses to a new or existing license server

3. Enter Software Version

4. Enter Customer Information

5. Enter License Server Information

6. Enter number of licenses for Virtual Earth (bottom)

7. Submit Request

8. Agree to the additional terms

9. Submit Request

A new license file will be sent to you by email.  (Mine came within 30 minutes although the site says it could take one business day.)  Then update your license file.

On the Using premium Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps with ArcGIS 9.3.1 page there is an ArcMap document that can be downloaded that has the Virtual Earth service added.  There are Layer files and a ArcGlobe document (3DD) file on this website as well.  Open the downloaded map document and explore Microsoft Virtual Earth.

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