New GIS Job Board Added

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I have added a new addition to the GIS Pathway website. There is now an active job board for GIS jobs.  There is a variety of positions available.  There is even an option for adding your own job posts.

In an effort to help boost the available positions, you can post as many jobs as you would like for free during the month of February 2010.  Simply use the discount code: <FreeFeb10>.

Also take the time to visit and follow the @GISJobs4U twitter account.  Get the latest GIS jobs sent to your Twitter account.

Here are some of the latest GIS jobs available through the job board.

Geospatial Technology Isn’t Dying Anytime Soon

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With the ever changing of technology, there has been a lot that has come and gone with some technologies sticking around.  I am reminded of the article put out by Computer World – The top 10 dead (or dying) computer skills.  Most of these dying skills I have never had any part of. Technologies such as PowerBuilder, a strong competitor with Oracle was a client/server development tool. Networking has also expanded and left non-IP networks in the past.  Also to think that non-relational databases existed and that now relational databases are vital to geospatial technology.  Technology will always be evolving into something better, finding a career in technology is challenging enough when your degrees and certification have value today and can easily be without value tomorrow.

A new study by the ARC Advisory Group shows that the geospatial information systems market is projected to continue to grow.  GIS is helping industries such as utilities and the federal government.   The technology is vital and is helping about every industry grow and become more efficient.  The study shows that the GIS market is expected to grow by 50% over the next five years.  It even show the expansion to markets outside of the United States.

With the expansion of GIS technology, the GIS industry will continue to expand.  Software is getting easier to use, the data is becoming expanded with higher quality, and the users are finding ways to better implement the technology.  These signs are very good reasons why it is not going to die any time soon.

Check out  the study: Geospatial Information Systems Market to Grow 50% Over Next Five Years

If you are not linked into GIS or Geospatial Technoloyg check out these resources to build a great career:

Careers at ESRI and in the Geospatial Industry

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An excellent podcast interview from VerySpatial with Jason Otero of ESRI was just put out this week.  The topic covered the details of getting a job at ESRI and also other geospatial companies.  Jason mentioned that even in the state of this economy, they are still hiring.

The main ESRI locations that are hiring are Redlands, CA; Washington, DC; Charlotte, NC and St. Louis, Mo.  The Redlands office has the greatest opportunity for jobs, but the others are quickly expanding.  In all ESRI has a main office with 10 regional offices.

Hot Jobs at ESRI include:

  • Software Products
  • Professional Services
  • Technical Support

ESRI has put together an excellent careers website where you can create a profile.  Under this profile you can fill out an application, submit a cover letter and resume, and apply for jobs.  There is also a dedicated site for college graduates to learn more about moving from “a college campus to an ESRI campus”.  You can find more information on the ESRI Grad web page.

Maybe you are not looking for a job at ESRI, or maybe you are not near one of their locations; Jason suggested looking up an ESRI Business Partner where many opportunities reside.  You can find a business partner here.

Catch the entire interview from VerySpatial –

Being Career Smart in the Layoff World

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I recently came across this blog post on How to find a GIS job in tough economic times.  This post has really got me thinking about how difficult  job hunting is in our current economic situation.  Even if we currently have a job, we are keeping our eyes peeled for opportunities just in case a layoff happens.  So what tips can we apply to our career that will help us hurdle over these tough times?

Social Networking

This has got to be one of the most important career moves that can be made.  Networking will allow you to interact with others who are like minded and even if they seem to not have any value now, you will find you might be coming back to them later.  The main topic doesn’t need to be job related, but find a connection through your industry or even just some special interest you may have.  Having a constant connection will other will be very beneficial if you find a need for a career change.  Here are a few good social networking site, you may find others that are more specific to your industry.

  • Twitter – A micro-blog that allows to you share what you are doing while being updated with what your friends are doing.  A lot of companies have their own Twitter account and are looking for future employees.
  • Facebook – A social network that allows you to have friends, be part of smaller networks, add pictures, send messages, etc.  It has a main component similar to Twitter which you can tell other what you are doing.
  • LinkedIn – A social network that is more career focused.  The profile area is more like a resume with experience, education, associations, awards, etc.  This network is a little more strict with how you can connect with others.  You must verify how you are connected (ex.: coworker, friend, group member, etc.).  LinkedIn also allows you to look at those who are connected to your connections and you can request that your friends introduce you to their friends.


Forums are a great place to interact with others.  If you have questions, there are a number of users who are ready and willing to provide an answer.  Maybe you have the experience to contribute, then this is a great way to build a positive reputation with your peers.  Here a few good ones for those interested in GIS:

Career Profiles

Most large companies have a career area where you can create an account.  If you have some ideas of where you might want to work then I would suggest that you create a career account with that company.  Creating such an account will allow you to keep up with available jobs and maybe have to opportunity to be paired with one that fit your liking.  If you currently have a job then you are under no obligation to have an interview.  This just create a was for their Human Resources department to see you has a possible candidate for open positions.  Keeping the irons in the fire will make things easier when times get tough.  ESRI has a great career website where you can set up a Career Account and also check out the ESRI career blog.

Stay Up on Technology

Technology is ever changing.  A great way to stay up on technology is through various blogs and podcasts.  There are also some good magazines also published that will keep you up to date.  Here are a few of my favorite sources:

Go Back to College

Going back to college is a great way to help advance your career.  There are a lot of colleges that provide education along the geospatial technology area.  I have compiled an excellent list of these colleges.  Adding a certificate or even a full degree to your resume will sure help boost you marketability.  Continuing your education is a positive factor that will show an employer that you are serious about your career.


Adding a certification can also be a help to your career.  Although there is debate about the quality of the ones available, I personally don’t think it will hurt you.  Some of the main ones along the geospatial technology area are GISP, ASPRS, and STARS.   Most people already meet the qualifications for certification and there is only a few minor steps to obtaining a certification.

Although focusing on just one of these areas will sure enhance your career, a combination of all of them will begin opening doors beyond your expectation.  I have seen these work for myself and also with others, so I know it can work for you.  Do something positive for your career today, it is never to late to start!

GIS Job and Education Webinar

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I recently found an online webinar from Directions Media on GIS jobs and education.  Although I did not catch it live, I did see the recorded version.  It was very interesting to see and hear about the various education and job opportunities from individuals who are either in the education or professional industry.  This is part of a three series webinar job fair.  See below for future dates.

Tuesday, September 23 (2008)
Tuesday, January 13 (2009)
Tuesday, May 12 (2009)

More Information on the Job Fairs…

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